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I’ve been changed.

There’s no more use in denial.

I now have evidence:

My housemates and I are planning a camping trip. Facebook messages are flying back and forth from comments that are useful (i.e. I have a tent!) to…well…ridiculous. As my irritation begins to mount by the quantity of Facebook notices filling my inbox, I start to think, why don’t we throw this on a wiki. And you know what? I might just do that. It’s actually the example our instructor showed us (camping trip) when introducing the wiki: Wiki in Plain English.

Unlike our unpredictable white board, wikis can be reverted back in their histories by the administrator. Malicious or mischievous housemates deleting content? Just revert the page back to the person before “The Deleter” and regain the content.


I fancy myself a “writer”–that is, I like write and I engage with pen/pad even when I don’t “have to”. That being said, I still find the challenge of keeping a class blog a bit daunting. What will I write about? How will I limit myself so that I don’t spend too much time blogging and not enough sleeping?

What does comfort me is the idea that I can maintain very minimal blogs (at least at first) and add more content as I become comfortable with the spurring structure. I would feel as if I’m disappointing someone if I don’t keep upĀ  a very involved blog.

Classroom blog:

I’ll keep it simple. At least at first.


Can be left alone, abandoned.

But they never get dusty: just out of date.

A online, shared, portfolio?


Just keep it updated!


Flickr photos thanks!:

eole, eurleif


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