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Flickr photo from La Riviere

In class on Tuesday we explored Smartboards.

There were sounds and scribbling. Interactive, yes. (It was pretty cool to touch the screen, but not too much more unique than my sensitive “mouse” area).

I must admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about this Smartboard revolution, but because I had heard so much praise I wanted to check it out.

  • The screen’s big, but overhead projectors are too.
  • You can write on it…like a chalkboard.
  • You can write on the projected images…like a whiteboard/overhead projector combination.

Okay, okay, I sound pretty sassy. I can see that Smartboards have benefits to them, but a comparable analogy, I think of…

The i Pad. It’s bigger and fans can finally spoon with their love, but really it doesn’t do anything that a i-touch can’t do.



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