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Unsettled Stomach

Scary News from Hungary

This article,

Hungarian Right, Center and Far, Make Gains

from the NY Times is disturbing and I worry for Hungary’s reputation too. It’s about the elections being held in Hungary now.


  • The far-right leader of Jobbik Party (16.7% votes) used to be a    history teacher
  • The group blames “Gypsy crime” and “Jews”
  • The uniforms resemble Nazi wartime party Red Arrows
  • “Analysts said Jobbik’s growing popularity illustrates how the economic crisis was helping to fuel a regional backlash against minorities, as people look for someone to blame.”
  • “Jobbik has denied being racist, saying that it is merely reflecting the views of many Hungarians.”

A history teacher. How dreadfully ironic!!

“I am so fed up with the situation in Hungary, that we have become the worst economy in Europe, and I think Jobbik can help restore order,” she said outside her family’s house in Gyongyos, an agricultural town in the north that is also home to Mr. Vona’s constituency.

“Many people have lost jobs here, and I am fed up feeling abused by the Roma, who have children in order to get social benefits and sponge off the state,” she added.

This is interesting, the complexity of peoples’ views and frustration with corruption, but I can’t help but worry.



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