Wiki Wonder-Wallows

Not to say that I am floundering–quite flourishing really–but still this is a mirage. Who can flourish on a wiki unless the others are flourishing with you, having this community of paired share, of editing and “here’s this too!”

I was somewhat familiar with wiki places before this assignment. My own experiment wonders about how community affects the classroom. But there is more than meets the eye. I often forget that Wikipedia is really just a very very large wiki. Sure, I know that folks can change Wikipedia pages, but how simple a concept…taking off to surpass our Encyclopedias!

And what of the ability to hold “discussions”…or that by its simplicity, wikis prove to be accessible.

flickr photo courtesy of quartermane



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2 responses to “Wiki Wonder-Wallows

  1. schmi355

    I love your picture!

    Anyways, wikipedia is really amazing, huh? For some of my classes, the teachers will tell us not to use wikipedia as a resource. I don’t find that quite as much in college, but it happened all the time in high school. However, what if you are doing a project and you really want to know what actually people are saying about something? For example, wouldn’t doing a project about religion be better if some of your resources came from actually everyday people instead of experts? I’m sorry, but I’m sure that my view of religion is different than the world-wide leaders and experts of my religion. Sometimes you just really want to know what average people are saying. And that is when wikipedia is not only the best resource, but it is really giving a voice to the average, everyday, normal person.

    • Interesting! I never thought of it in that way. Although the everyday folks may be keen participators of wiki’s, I’m sure the experts are there too. 🙂

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