Terrorists and Teaching?

We may be wrong about why our students do the things they do, and we’re probably not going to get any change in behavior until we figure out what the real reasons are.

The article What Can Teachers Learn from Terrorists I found off of another classmate’s blog. It’s interesting to juxtapose these ideas together.

“The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Terrorists” is a piece by Bruce Schneier. He says,

People turn to terrorism for social solidarity.

He follows,

We need to support vibrant, benign communities and organizations as alternative ways for potential terrorists to get the social cohesion they need.

Now, how does this lead to thinking about the classroom? Hmmm, fostering community to encourage productive behavior? Trying to get to know people as individuals? These sound like good things for teachers to do in their classrooms too. Larry Ferlazzo, author of the article I’m referring to, suggests (as noted at the beginning), that teachers try to find out the reason behind the behavior, and not just punish the “bad” behavior.



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  1. schmi355


    Wasn’t this the craziest article? I mean the subject and what they are saying obviously makes sense, but I love the comparison to terrorism. It grabs peoples attention and makes them read the article, which then convinces people and teachers that they really do need to get to know their students. I love this article for the help for students, but I really liked that they let a light shine on “bad terrorists.” I mean, of course terrorism is bad and all, but the leader did help those members to not be as horrible, right? I guess I don’t know, they are still terrorists and all.

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