Tangible Organization

“I think it’s convenient for people to want to punish the school because it’s the only tangible organization in this mess,” Ms. Darrow-Rioux said.

There’s been a lot of press lately about bullies and birds, particularly the tragic case of P. Prince, a high school student who committed suicide. The article from the NY Times discusses blame.

The Blame Game

A student commits suicide. How much ought the bullies be punished? The school officials? What is the protocol for recording episodes of bullying?

With all of the stresses of being an educator, and all of the stresses of a society trying to protect its children, are teachers and school officials seen with a biased perspective?

I worry about things like keeping my door always open if a student is in my room (and getting fired if I don’t and a student lies about activities behind closed doors). I know that I don’t want to hurt people, but I can’t say the same goes for everyone else. All have their own philosophy.

I can’t help but wonder about the teachers’ perspectives in this case. I wonder not only what they know (that perhaps they’re not sharing), but what they must feel…under attack. But is it justified? Would it be different if we could know of innocence, or of guilt-taint knowledge of ignoring a bully problem? Can a society see their guilt?


Photo courtesy Ed Yourdon, Flickr


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