Mind Mapping: Mouse V. Manual

Miiiiind Maaaaapping.

In class, we briefly discussed “Mind Mapping” in regards to TPaCK (is it efficient? does it add to the lesson?) and I had decided that it was probably not something that I would use in a classroom. I’m a person who avoids technology when possible (and especially when it’s more efficient to avoid). For example, I don’t bike in snow…because the danger and hassle outweighs the expediency of travel mode.

So when we were asked to explore a technology and I was browsing the list of possibilities, I decided to check out mind mapping.

I’m biased, yes, but I think that computer graphic organizers…

> Can look more clean than hand-drawn varieties

> Mistakes are more easily and quickly changed

< However, it takes more time to set everything, and the ease of manipulation is a skill that takes practice

All in all, the computer-ized version of graphic organizer may not be an improvement as much as an option. Perhaps if students work best with computers (rather than hand-made), perhaps if the computer mouse is more like a hand than their own, perhaps then the computerized version of graphic organizers can be beneficial.

Unless there’s a special need, I’d stick with the mantra that digital mind mapping is…just an option, not an improvement.

p.s. I created a picture for this blog, but it wouldn’t load. Instead there’s this:


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One response to “Mind Mapping: Mouse V. Manual

  1. stephanie

    I agree, I am definitely a person the still carries around a planner that I write everything in. Some people have blackberries or i-phones where they put all their plans in but I just don’t like the idea. I feel they are to undependable and not as easy for me to use. I am certainly the pencil and pad type of girl. But I do feel like we as teachers should offer all possible ways of doing things to our students!

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