Digital Storytelling has its own structure

After using Slidecast I decided to check out VoiceThread.

Originally, I had planned on syncing my audio recording with my Google Docs presentation using Voice Thread, but I soon became frustrated and moved onto Slidecast. After taking a second look at Voice Thread, some of my frustrations have been sorted out, but my conclusions are similar.

Within my experience (but please, try them both out yourself!)…

I find that Slidecast has straightforward audio syncing capabilities. Voice Thread seems simpler, but the audio must be ready to go when you upload. Slidecast made me feel assured that I have some control over the syncing process. Voice Thread allows audio, video, and textual commenting right on its page. So maybe if I’m so squeemish, I ought to just record straight onto Voice Thread.

Slidecast was  neat to learn, even if I didn’t record my commentary from its page. I could edit my audio with Audacity (which I’ m now using to record my ukulele song sketches: ) and then sync to my choosing with Slidecast. I would recommend introducing both systems into the classroom.


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  1. schmi355

    I had a rough time when I tried using VoiceThread for our presentations a couple weeks ago. I would record my voice right onto the presentation, but I had so much trouble because once you added it I couldn’t figure out how to delete it if I didn’t like it. I would record something, but then I think you had to make a decision as to whether you wanted to keep it or not before listening to it (or maybe I’m remembering it wrong haha). I’m glad you figured out VoiceThread, I need to take some time to figure out my frustrations also.

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