Gender Gap GASP

In short, equal opportunity brought an unequal result.

–The Atlantic, Marshall Poe writes

The Atlantic published this article called, “The Gender Gap: Maybe boys weren’t made for the classroom“. Scaaaaaaandalous!

the education system rewards self-control, obedience, and concentration—qualities that, any teacher can tell you, are much more common among girls than boys, particularly at young ages…years ago teachers may have accommodated and managed this behavior, in part by devoting more attention to boys than to girls. But as girls have come to attract equal attention

As I read this article, I got hung up on the writing. “girls have come to attract equal attention”? As far as I’ve heard, girls are still neglected in the classroom and gaps in their education are too commonly overlooked because they are praised for being silent (“obedient”). Where have I heard this? Oh, my teacher education classes. I’ve read about it in essays (that I really need to look up again and post here). The problem is, being obediently quiet does not mean that girls are participating. Participation is the negotiation and renegotiation of meaning, from the constructivist stand point, creating meaning = learning. When girls are praise for being silent, they are also being praised for not participating. And what’s all this talk I hear about needing to foster active learners, learners who are participating?


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