AHH Real Technology (Monsters)

TECHNOLOGY AND THE PLN (also known as Personal Living Nightmare)

Okay, maybe Personal Learning Networks aren’t so bad.

I think mine might be helping me out.

Well, I know that it’s helping me out. Let me explain.

The PLN (Plight of Learning New-things)

One of the most hilarious things I’ve encountered throughout this technology exploration is the abundance of information organizing PLN in lists, or stages, like the stages of grief.

First there’s denial, like, do I have to do this?

Then there’s the anger stage, or rather, frustration. This stage comes back quite frequently.

Next is depression, when there’s a lot, A LOT of information out there, and I feel like I’m being buried under all of it. How to keep track of it all? Ah-ha, this is where RSS and social book marking saves the day.

Acceptance doesn’t always last. I’m tagging this and bookmarking that when I realize that I haven’t slept in three days, and have missed two days of class. (You think I’m kidding? Well, I am. But sleep deprivation, folks, is a serious issue.) Then always frustration comes back, like a rash. For me, it’s aggravated when the weebly web page is loading waaaay too slow. And depression usually drops down when I remember that I’ve forgotten to check my Google feed and there’s 37,985 new entries from the sites I’ve tagged.

Balance, balance, balance.

That’s what I’m struggling to do.


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