Literacy…Fledgling Thoughts

My fledgling thoughts…why? Haven’t I thought of literacy before?

Ha. Yes.


What does it mean to be mathematically literate?

Am I not now working on becoming technologically literate?

What about cultures that do not have print, or text?

“Literacy not only involves competency in reading and writing, but goes beyond this to include the critical and effective use of these in peoples’ lives, and the use of language (oral and written) for all purposes.”

The Literacy Development Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

I plan on spending some time in the upcoming posts to research and discuss this idea more. I’ve already mentioned emotional literacy.


I have become recently interested in the role of language, and how it and its structure form our thoughts. I’m traveling abroad next year in pursuit of language acquisition. How will learning a new language allow me to think in different ways? I’m already aware that print has infiltrated my thoughts. I don’t know the depth of its permeation, however. When I think to pronounce words uncommon to me, I generally think of how the words are spelled. I spell them out in my head: a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m.

“Back in the day” as they say, people were not “literate” as we so commonly define today. Folks could memorize speeches that monarchs performed (apparently this is how we have documentation of Elizabeth’s famous “Golden Speech”, for the record of her words come from an audience member).

What does this all mean for us? How does technology change the way we think? How does this sudden ability to link powerful images to words shape the impact of an image?




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2 responses to “Literacy…Fledgling Thoughts

  1. schmi355

    I spell words out in my head all the time, too!!!!!! My job is a typist, so I am typing all the time. Sometimes at the end of the day, all I can think about is typing since I just spent 8 hours typing everything, so when I talk I am thinking about spelling because I am thinking about typing. If I say a word that I realize I don’t know how to spell, it will drive me crazy until I figure it out. Haha, kinda silly of my I guess…

  2. Stephanie

    I think this is a really interesting point. I am a TESOL minor so how different people acquire languages are very interesting to me as well. I feel that technology has greatly affected my language. For example when we are hand writing out a paper, we have to be conscious about how to spell all of the words. But when we type out a paper I do not worry about how to spell different words because I rely on my spell check to fix any of my problems. Another example is when I am texting on my cellphone, the way in which I spell words is very different. Many abbreviations are used, and I do not capitalize or punctuate much at all. So all in all technology has influenced my language tremendously!

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