Emotional Literacy

emotional literacy

I was reading this article and it made me pause to think. I wanted to share it because

In their preschool years, you can help your children express their thoughts and feelings by writing their words for them. In stories, poems, or letters, their language can become a way to support their ability to deal with a peer, with conflict, with sad or scary feelings. The words can help your children sort out their feelings, and come to terms with their own behavior.

What an emphasis on language!

I’ve heard that learning different languages can help a body to think differently. In regards to emotional literacy, I know that it can help me to articulate what I’m feeling to others. I think that if I can try to name a fear (or otherwise), then I will be less afraid of it.

Emotional intelligence can even help folks fight depression! NPR calls it “emotional resilience”.

What do you think about, “taking control of negative thoughts”?



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  1. Amanda,

    This post and the one above are definitely thought-provoking. It hearkens back to the question, “Can we have thoughts if we can’t explain them?” I do appreciate the emphasis this article places on literacy, and I hope to eventually implement some of its concepts in my own classroom.

    For example, I am a lover of vocabulary. My favorite game is Scrabble and I truly could spend hours flipping through a thesaurus. Perhaps this love stems from my chattiness and a desire to fully articulate what is in my head.

    I’d like for my students to be able to share whatever it is that they’re feeling, and to share it well.

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