Google Docs, Classroom Thoughts

My first experience with Google Documents has not been with this course.

Indeed, I encountered Google spreadsheet-link-ability a whopping four months prior in my science class. We went on a field trip to the MSU Children’s Garden and in our exploration of what a meaningful field trip manifests as, our helpful tour guide brought in plant species, plotted graphs, took pictures, and then shared all of the information on Google Documents.

I was amazed!

With Google documents, there are many programs that I can upload from to share with my group, or specific e-mails.

As a teacher, I could make this information available to my students.

Keeping the TPACK theory in mind, this program allow for a true benefit of technology. It’s not like the sharing capability takes away from learning.

In my thoughts (I almost wrote “fact” here–woops), Google documents can serve as a safety against crashing computers and viruses. Here is a space where I can choose to keep private or share my files. Here is a space where I can access my files from any computer. Here is a space where my files will be saved if my computer is stolen or sick.




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