TPACK, Thinking Power Advances Classroom Knowledge

Actually, TPACK stands for:

T: technological

P: pedagogical

A: (added to spell “pack”)

C: content

K: knowledge

The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.
—Sir William Henry Bragg

It adds to our conversation if I repeat what my professor told us: not all things new are therefore better.

I know that even now, it helps if I physically write down notes rather than type them. My memory has been trained to incorporate this actual transcription process. Perhaps my brain could be re-trained for a “greener” route, but for now the note-taking stands as beneficial (I recycle the paper at least….).

When the ideas of TPCK (TPACK) and Diingo converge, this is what my foggy brain spills out:

It has become clear, however, that our primary focus should be on studying how the technology is used (Carr, Jonassen, Litzinger, & Marra, 1998; Mishra & Koehler,

As I slowly make may way academically greener (Who walks the hour commute to placement? Who takes public transport when able? This one, okay?)–I look to Diingo for help. Part of the benefit of taking my own notes is being able to highlight and comment on the material as I encounter it. Diingo makes this possible…without the cost of tree-death. Sure, I don’t necessarily have the experience of writing out the quotations by hand. But then again, I don’t have to spend the time writing them out by hand.

Photo ] And this isn’t to say that I can’t type   things out in repetition as I would usually write them out in lists. Diingo helps where even rented books cannot: to be able to highlight the important information, to make note of interesting quotes…to maintain the conversation and active questioning I have with texts…

and without the cost of tree-death.

By now, we have all heard of some pitfalls of technology: that just by having it in the classroom, we benefit. Wrong! It’s how we incorporate technology that matters. If it takes away from the educational experience to use technology…don’t. At one point, paper and pencil were novel ideas too.




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3 responses to “TPACK, Thinking Power Advances Classroom Knowledge

  1. I took a quick look at Diingo and agree that the ability to highlight and take notes are its best offering. (Avoiding “tree-death” is also great!)

    I am glad you made the point of saying that simply having the technology isn’t enough. It’s rendered useless if we, as teachers, use it in such a way that content isn’t enhanced. It’s going to be our responsibility to educate ourselves on how to new technology and how they can be integrated appropriately.

    We will have to strike that great balance between technology integration and the old-fashioned pen and paper approach. Sharing blogs helps me put it all in perspective, thanks for the interesting post!

  2. schmi355

    I want to save trees too! I used to take my computer everywhere to take notes because I can type a lot faster than I can write. I can look back later and actually understand my notes because I’m able to write everything down. Now, though, my computer seems just so heavy so I’m back to taking notes and using lots of paper. I understand how you feel. At least I save the unused paper at the end and use them for a different class, right?

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