Diigo: Bingo!


Research, Share, Collaborate

(My library, my network, my groups)

Here’s the gist:


Annotate, Archive, Organize

You can bookmark pages, organizing them by tags.

You can archive those marked webpages.

You can annotate using the highlighter and sticky note functions.

…So once you highlight, etc those webpages, you can save them as they are in the archive/bookmarks.

Archiving includes taking a snapshot of the web page.

You can also save pdf files!

Using the lists function, you can share your tagged bookmarks with others. The tagging helps make the searching more accessible, efficient, and fruitful.

You may even wish to make reports of the webpages (like a quick summary) or view the pages as a slide show.

Like other social bookmarking sites, you can access Diigo from any computer, by logging into your account.

You can also share and collaborate with the information you find. I wasn’t interested in that aspect of the program, but the helpful tutorial can be found here.

As for the classroom,

I will be able to highlight paragraphs for my students, and share stick note comments.

This is definitely a technology that I will incorporate into the classroom…and I will eventually look into the “sharing” and “collaborating” options soon.




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2 responses to “Diigo: Bingo!

  1. schmi355

    So, this is a lot like delicious, huh? Which do you like better?

    • I enjoy Diingo for its highlight/digital sticky note-ability, but I prefer Delicious for keeping track of my bookmarked pages. Delicious has a simplified page whereas in Diingo I have to search a bit to find pages (and keep them organized!) Maybe when I accumulate many pages I might switch over to Diingo completely, because it has better (but more complex) organizational tools.

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