Coffee in the Classroom: Fair Trade and Global Exchange

I’m sick. My head is foggy and no matter how much delicious coffee (fair trade, from Peru–thanks to Horrock’s market) I drink, it doesn’t seem to clear up. So as I sit here, sipping water and coffee interchangably, I write to you about

Fair Trade Education.

I’ve known about organizations such as Heifer International for a couple years now. Every winter, I ask my parents for some chickens or a goat to be sent abroad to African communities. The program’s workers teach the community members how to take care of the animals, and then the community gets to keep them.

I wasn’t so aware that these organizations are education zealots! (I intend this in a positive way). They are happy to share knowledge and awareness, especially to elementary, middle, and high school students.

[Flickr photo]

Both the Heifer International and Global Exchange organizations have EXTENSIVE educational resources. These can be easily incorporated into the classroom, encouraging not only international, but social issue awareness.

Many subjects can be integrated together, even literacy and mathematics. Why not slip in some fair trade knowledge too?

Have a healthy cuppa coffee,



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