Twitter: Piddle?

Twitter is taking over the term of technology in this world!

What I mean is, my Mass Media professor is now using Twitter in my lecture. It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, or a hassle. Students are encouraged to tweet questions during class.

However, our already silent class now has an excuse to stay quiet. I like my professor’s voice and I’m a type of learner who benefits from the auditory process, from lectures…but students really don’t want to speak up now.

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Twitter is blossoming. As the thorny layers of technology fear peel away for me, I see the flower of quick info–of posing a question and having the chance of getting a response.

Someone knows someone else who tells that person that the someone from__ has a questions and…

And then you can have Beer with Branson.

The linked page takes you to a social networking nut who is exploring our generation’s ability to get in touch with people we would never before thought possible. He’s also using twitter.

I can see the foggy-fused ideas about using Twitter to connect with students. Have a question on the homework? If there’s a class grouping, then that question could very well be answered.

I’m not sure if I am a big fan of Twitter…yet. It’s always on and it kind of makes me…nervous. But all the same, just as I can close my laptop in about two minutes and go walk through the snow to my friend’s house (hullo study break!), I can close out of my tweet deck and leave the questions and suggestions behind. I can put away my information ski’s and take a breather.

In conclusion (ha–there’s never a conclusion to this technology wonder-world!)…

In short, I will create a contract with my future self to at least try to have Twitter as part of my online classroom. If worse comes to worse, I’ll close it down, shut the lid, say goodbye.





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2 responses to “Twitter: Piddle?

  1. schmi355

    I went to this church once where the pastor had his phone number posted on a projector. If you had a question or comment about what he said, you could text him and he would try to address the question. It was really interesting. I’m catholic so I’ve never used a phone during church, but this non-dominational church was way different. I thought of it because you said they were using Twitter to ask questions and it was pretty much the same idea. I wonder if the church is using Twitter now for the same purpose…

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