Robert Bobb and the Tale of the Social Promotion

What in the world is “social promotion”?

Well, you know when students are struggling, but sometimes they move up a grade level despite their academic lag? That’s social promotion.

And guess what? Robert Bobb is getting rid of it.

What do you think about this?


I found out about this new policy from reading Riley’s column,

No more unearned promotions for students: DPS to end practice of advancing kids who aren’t ready

I’m not sure of all of the details from the information I gathered. I do know that the policy will affect pre-K through Third grade. The article highlighted a student, 22, who graduated without having the skills to read her own diploma. How do students end up there?

“The things that she said really, in terms of what
she was unable to do, they really speak to the
heart and soul of why reading is so important,”
Bobb said. “How do you get someone from
preschool all the way through high school
without learning to read?”

I do wonder about the emotional well-being of students who are “held back” and wonder about the drawbacks. But I can’t help but think that this program is a no-brainer. Who would support students being pushed through the educational institute. We need as many safety nets as possible for our citizens. If we want to be a strong country, if we want to be strong world citizens, if we want to be strong people, we need to have strength in our ability to learn about our world. Literacy is a crucial component to education.



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