When You Need to Start Bookmarking Where Your Keys Are…

I see my memories

dimly dying on the other side

–Frontier Ruckus

I feel that I, too, am losing memories…specifically those pertaining to my usernames!

The beneficial thing is getting exposed to all of these new time-saving, creation-sparking, mind-widening gadgets, programs, and–

but the problem now is that I’m beginning to accumulate so many programs to keep track of–usernames, passwords, secret words and phrases…I’ve even tried to keep all of my usernames and passwords the same, but some programs have my tried-and-true usernames already taken!

Take for instance “delicious” (social bookmarking). I’ve just spent about five minutes plugging in every combination that I could think of. Not only do I have several accounts to take care of via ebay, amazon, e-mail, etc…but now I have added a yahoo account on top of that. It’s not too bad though. There are solutions! I can keep my primary e-mail as dominant dog and start recording the specific usernames on notecards, etc.

Anyway…“delicious” dish time.

Not only is “delicious” especially delectable because of its bookmarks-on-the-go abilities, but I’ve also downloaded the browser tabs so that I don’t have to plug in the url to get to the website. Instead, I can click on the quad-box next to my url bar. Additionally, there is now a “tag” button directly next to the url bar so that I can bookmark any random page without having to go through a bunch of hub-bub. The “tag” specifically refers to, however, not the bookmark itself as much as what keywords the bookmark could be searched by. For something like this blog, I could tag it as technology education, or depending on my other content I could add language education (if I can add more commentary about language education).

Ooh. I just went to the “Tag Cloud” and clicked on books…something interesting here? How about “AudioOwl: Free Audio Books”? Sweet!

I’ll post later. I need to-er-um…check on something,



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