Following the same directions, but stepping a new path

I hear taps ring out in the city
When I go for walks on late Friday evenings

–Chris Bathgate

Our teacher for this technology course suggested a short article to read about creating a PLN (personal learning network).  I was reading David Warlick’s piece ( and I noticed that tip #4 stated to, “give yourself permission to switch your PLN off every once in a while. While your computer is off, take a break and go for a walk…” This quote could be seen as obvious, but it hints at one of my fears–that technology will take up too much of my time! I like to take walks on Friday evenings as the lamp lights glow, the Red Cedar flows, and the murmurings of the city are dampened by the snow. Technology is by no means an enemy of my own, but it can be sadly disconnected from manipulated reality. To feel the time-worn pages of a book between my fingers…that I prefer to clicking through a fluorescent screen of Kindle. I would rather go bowling than wave my arms in front of a Wii box; would rather see my friends’ reactions tête-à-tête than see Times New Roman text flashing.

There are numerous exciting happenings in technology. Almost anyone could tell me that. It’s not that I don’t appreciate technology, like being able to hear my soul-soothe musicians whenever I throw on some headphones. I am consistently reminded of the values of the computer keyboard compared to the limiting and frustrating expanses of the type-writer.  This blog will chronicle my (mis)adventures with technology. I’m setting out on a path now well-worn with the thousands and millions and billions exploring technology, but my life is my own, my journey unique even if for the amount of coffee breaks I take.

Welcome to my blog. My blog welcomes me as well, whispers, “come here, explore, create.” But for now, I think I may go downstairs to the kitchen, put on some Chris Bathgate, and cook a veggie stir fry.

Until next post,



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